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Rockbridge County Public Service Authority E-Bill Authorization

  1. This will be the email address(es) where your bill will be sent. Please separate multiple email addresses with a comma.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    I confirm that I am the account holder and authorize the RCPSA to discontinue mailing my bills. I understand I will receive my bill, including any adjusted or delinquent bills, by email. It is my responsibility to update my account as necessary and to add the RCPSA to my ‘Safe Sender list’ and address book. If my e-bill is undeliverable, I will be sent a paper bill and removed from the e-bill service.
  3. E-Billing
    Please choose one of the options below.
  4. Disclaimer
    Please note: By signing up, any and all service addresses associated with this account number will be e-billed.
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