2023 Real Estate Reassessment

This page is to provide citizens with all of the necessary information regarding the 2023 Real Estate Reassessment. The URL addresses and links below will take you to relevant informational documents and websites for citizens to review the process and property records.

  1. Please read the "Rockbridge County 2023 Property Reassessment In Perspective" document for an Explanation of the Reassessment Process. 
  2. The following links are for Citizens to view proposed assessment reports ordered by Owner Name and Map Number
  3. Follow link to the County GIS site to view property sales in Rockbridge County: https://www.webgis.net/va/rockbridge/  
  4. Access property data at http://vamanet.com/cgi-bin/HOME
  5. In addition to in-person appeals you click on the following link to the "Rockbridge County 2023 Reassessment Hearing Application"