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Automatic Recurring Bank Draft


S  What is Automatic Recurring Bank Draft Service?  This service allows automatic bank drafting from your checking or savings account to assure that your bill is paid in full and on time every billing, even if you are out of town.  This convenient service is free, and is the same kind of service many people use to make mortgage or insurance payments.

S  Why would I want to enroll?  It saves time & money!  It eliminates check writing, trips to the office & the cost for postage.  Your bill is paid automatically on the due date, which eliminates late fees or reconnection fees, provided you maintain sufficient funds in the bank to cover your bills.

S  Is it safe & secure?  Yes.  Both the Authority & our financial institution are required to keep your banking information strictly confidential. 

S  How do I begin the process?  For you to become a bank draft customer, we need two things:  the completed application for automatic recurring bank drafts and a “voided” check from your checking account or a bank document showing your name, routing number and savings acct. number.

S  Where can I get an application?  Applications are available on the county website, our website or in our office.

S  When will my account be drafted?  The initial set-up for the bank draft will take approx. ten (10) business days.  You will receive a message on you bill when participation in the service has been confirmed.  After the enrollment in the service, your account will be drafted for the exact amount of your bill on the due date of your bill.  You will continue to receive your bi-monthly bill by mail, on which the amount to be drafted will appear.

S  How do I know when the service has been activated?  You will see the following notice on your bill:  “Do not pay.  Your account will be drafted.”

S  What if I have multiple account numbers or service locations?  You must fill out one application per account number.  If you have multiple service locations with one account number, you must list all the service addresses on one application.  Each service location will be shown on your bank statement as a separate draft.

S  What happens if there is not enough money in my account?  The automatic bank draft will be presented to your bank once for processing.  If your financial institution does not pay the draft due to insufficient funds, a closed account or any other reason and returns it to the Authority, we will charge your account the current returned check fee and process it in the same manner as a returned check.  You must pay the new balance in cash.  If you have not paid in full by the due date on the Past Due Notice, your service will be disconnected.

S  How do I change or cancel my participation?  If you decide to discontinue participation in the recurring bank draft service or change banks, please use the application for automatic recurring bank draft form again.  We require you to submit your change or cancel request at least ten (10) business days prior to the due date on your bill.  Staff will not process such a request made via telephone.

S  Do I have to reapply each year?  You do not have to reapply each year.  Once you enroll, the service continues from year to year until you request it to be terminated.

S  Can payments for other county services be made through this service?  No, only your water and sewer bills can be paid this way
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