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E-Billing Frequently Asked Questions


What is e-billing?

E-billing is a paperless way to receive your RCPSA bill. It's securely delivered straight to your email inbox.  Your e-bill come as a pdf attachment and looks exactly like your paper bill and includes all the information you are accustomed to seeing.

What are the Benefits of E-billing?

 S  Access to your bill at any time from your email inbox
 S  No paper bills to be filed or shred
 S  Reduces the environmental impact of paper billing
 S  It’s free!

How do I sign-up for e-billing?

If you are already a RCPSA customer, you can visit our website at www.rockbridgecountyva.gov/psa or complete an authorization form (available in our office or online).  New customers will be given the option to receive e-bills on the service application.

How and when will I receive my e-bill?

You will receive your e-bill on the same schedule as you would your paper bill. Your meter reading schedule, billing dates, and due dates do not change. Once you sign up for e-billing, you will receive your next bill electronically.  

How can I confirm my enrollment?

Once you sign up online or provide RCPSA with an authorization form, you will be enrolled and will receive a welcome email.

Can I get both e-bill and my paper bill?

No. When you sign up for e-billing, RCPSA will not mail your paper bill. If you try e-billing and decide you want to start receiving paper bills again, you may cancel at anytime.

Can I unsubscribe from e-billing service?

 Yes, you may unsubscribe from e-billing at any time online or by submitting a new authorization form and selecting the cancel e-bill option.  The forms are available online or in the office.

Is e-billing a free service?

Yes, e-billing is a FREE service.  

How long does it take for my e-billing service to become effective after I enroll?

Once you have enrolled in e-billing, your will receive your next bill by email..

Will my email address be shared with external parties?

No, your email address will not be shared. 

What email address will my e-bills come from?

RCPSA uses rcpsa@rockbridgecountyva.gov to send our e-bills. Please add this email address to your safe sender's list.​​  
I'm an e-bill subscriber but received a paper bill in the mail stating that my e-bill was 'undeliverable'.
The above scenario indicates that we tried to deliver your e-bill to your email address without success. When an e-bill is undeliverable, we automatically send a paper bill and make continued attempts to deliver your e-bill. After three failed delivery attempts, you will automatically be unsubscribed from our e-bill service. You may resubscribe at any time after correcting any email address errors.
If the email address you provided when subscribing to e-bill is valid (correct with no typos), but you received a paper bill in the mail, it may be due to the following reason(s):

  • ​Your mailbox is full
  • Unknown host (domain lookup failed) – This can happen when an ISP changes their name (i.e. attbi.com to comcast.com)
  • E-bill email was blocked by your spam filter
  • Server is down
  • Connection timed out

If you've completed troubleshooting and are still unable to receive your e-bill, please contact your email service provider.

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