E911 Addressing

All habitable structures in Rockbridge County are now required to have physical street addresses assigned to them. Also known as E911 addresses and structure addresses, the physical address allows for enhanced emergency response to homes and businesses.

Vacant lots or vacant land is not addressed.

Physical addresses are used by the local U.S. Post Office for mail delivery.

They are also used by UPS, FedEx and other postal delivery services.

The physical address is used as a service address for utilities attached to the structure: Water & Sewer, Electric, Telephone, Gas, Cable, Fiber, etc.

New Addresses
New addresses are established by the GIS Office just after the foundation footers have been poured or placed. The new permanent driveway should also be in place by this time.

GPS data will be collected for the new building location and driveway in order to establish an address for the structure. We would prefer to collect the GPS data before any framing begins. New addresses can usually be assigned and returned in just a few days.

See the Structure Numbering System for details in the Addressing Ordinance.

Please post the new address in a conspicuous location at the end of the driveway or on the house where it can clearly and easily be seen by first responders.

See the Address Number Placement for details in the Addressing Ordinance, or call the GIS Office if you would like assistance on proper placement.

Please contact your Post Office delivery driver to find out where they want your new mailbox to be placed.

If you are purchasing an existing home in Rockbridge County please check with the GIS Office to be sure you will be using the correct address at your new home.

Private Road Names
Private road street signs in Rockbridge County are white with black lettering. Public road streets signs are green with white lettering. Rockbridge County maintains both private and public street signs.

When a private road or driveway has two or more habitable structures it must be assigned a road name.

This is commonly referred to as a Two House rule. Private roads are usually established when a new home will use the same driveway access as an established home. Address numbers will be updated based upon the new road.

Contact the GIS Office to begin the process of establishing a new private road.

See the Road Naming System in the Addressing Ordinance for details.

Please see additional suggestions for residents Addressing Suggestions.

For establishing roads/streets in a new subdivision, see the Rockbridge County Land Development Regulations, Article 9, or contact the Department of Community Development.

To report a downed, damaged, or missing street sign, please use this link. Street Signs.