Street Signs

While the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) maintains most highway signage, Rockbridge County maintains County public and private street name signs. The public road signs are green with white lettering and are mounted on round, yellow posts at the intersection of two or more roads. Private signs are white with black lettering mounted on similar posts. The signs are used by emergency responders, delivery businesses and travelers to find homes and businesses and for general navigation in the County.

Occasionally, signs are damaged by vehicles, wind, and unfortunately, vandalism. As signs are important for navigation, residents are encouraged to report damaged or missing signs. The County GIS Office will coordinate sign replacement and repair. In order to ensure timely repair, it is important to provide specific information when making a repair request:

  • Tell us where the sign is located. Please list the street which comprise the intersection with the repair is needed. i.e.: Intersection of Valley Pike and Patrick Drive.
  • Tell us if the sign is down, damaged or missing. i.e.: The sign has been knocked over and is lying in beside the road.
  • List the sign blades which need to be replaced (if known). i.e.: Valley Pike appears to be OK but the Patrick Drive sign is severely bent.
  • Provide any other information which may be helpful to plan for a repair. i.e.: The sign pole appears to be severely bent.
  • Optionally, list your phone number and/or email address so that we may call you back for any clarifications needed.

This information will ultimately help save the County (taxpayers) money by potentially avoiding multiple trips to the site.

Sign maintenance requests can be communicated in three ways:

  1. By phone – 540-464-9656
  2. In person - Rockbridge County Administrative Offices, 150 South Main St, Lexington VA 24450, 2nd Floor, Office of Community Development
  3. On-line Form
Thank you for your assistance!