Real Estate Tax

Real Estate Assessment

All Real Estate is subject to taxation except that specifically exempted by the Virginia Constitution.  Property is assessed as of January 1.  Real Estate in Rockbridge County is taxed at 100 percent of fair market value as required by the state constitution. This is determined by conducting a thorough sales study immediately prior to each general reassessment of real property. The Commissioner of Revenue’s Office is responsible for the records management and assessments for all real property located in Rockbridge County. Transfers of ownership of property are performed by obtaining deed transfers, deeds of correction, and lists of heirs, wills and other records from the Clerk of the Circuit Court. 

Reassessments are conducted every six years. In between assessments, the commissioner of the revenue and his field assessors value any new construction and other changes to the real property. In addition, new subdivisions of property and improvements are taxed when they are substantially complete.

Real Estate Taxes

Based on the assessed evaluations, the annual tax rate (set by the Board of Supervisors for that calendar year) is applied to real property in Rockbridge County. The real estate tax bills are then generated based on all information available as of the printing date. 

The county bills real estate taxes in halves, with first half taxes being due by June 5 and second half due by December 5. Items of new construction and corrections for items previously under billed are supplemented, resulting in an additional bill being sent with another due date. 

2023 Real Estate Tax Rate - $.61 per $100 of value