County Attorney

The County Attorney is appointed by the Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors.  The County Attorney provides ongoing legal advice to and represents the Board of Supervisors, the County Administrator, staff, and many of the County Boards, Commissions and officials, including the Planning Commission.

The County Attorney is responsible for civil matters involving the County government.  Duties include advising employees and elected and appointed officials about applicable laws governing County business; analyzing cases, statutes, regulations, and proposals which may affect the County's legal rights and obligations; preparing County ordinances and resolutions; drafting and reviewing contracts, bond documents, land records and other lease documents; policy analysis; maintaining the Rockbridge County Code; and a variety of other matters as needed.

The County Attorney is unable to provide legal advice to citizens.

Vickie L. Huffman
Appointed as County Attorney in 2004 with 15 years prior experience in local government law
Earned J.D. from Washington and Lee School of Law in 1985