Business Licenses

Rockbridge County Business License (BPOL)

The Code of the County of Rockbridge Chapter 19 requires that businesses operating in the county have a current Rockbridge County Business License. The Business, Professional, and Occupational License Tax is administered by the Commissioner of the Revenue

Most License taxes are levied upon the gross receipts from the previous year, and the rate varies with the type of business you intend to engage in.  Each person subject to a license tax shall apply for a license before beginning business if he or she was not subject to licensing in this County before the current year.  A business license is required for each definite place of business or if no definite place of business is maintained but the individual resides in this jurisdiction the home address is considered to be the place of business. 
If you file a Schedule C with your federal income tax returns or other documents required of a business, it will be assumed that you are operating a business and you should contact the commissioner’s office to see if a license is required in order to avoid any penalties and/or interest. 

The license is renewable each year on or before March 1st.  The license is valid January 1 – December 31.

No business license shall be issued or reissued until the applicant has certification by the Treasurer that all delinquent business license, real estate, personal property, meals, transient occupancy, severance and admissions taxes owed by the business to the County have been paid in full.

No business license shall be issued or reissued for any business unless the applicant has certification by the Department of Community Development and Zoning that the location for conducting such business is properly zoned and has any necessary use permit in compliance with the Rockbridge County Land Development Regulations.

Business License Application and Renewal Form
Please include complete mailing address and FEIN or SSN on the form.
No credit or debit cards accepted.

Business License Application and Renewal Form - Town of Goshen

Zoning Verification Form for Business License
 Business License Classification   Rate
(multiply by previous years gross receipts)
 Contractors $.0010
 Retail Sales $.0013
Repair, Personal, Business and Other Services
Financial, Real Estate, Professional Services
Wholesale Sales
 Telephone & Telegraph Services
 Water or Heat, Light, Power & Gas Companies

 Business License Classification 
(flat fee)
Carnivals - each engagement
$ 100
 Coin Operated Machines - Less than 10 machines
                                          - More than 10 machines
$   65
$ 130
$ 250
Peddlers, Itinerant Merchants
$ 300
Dealers in Precious Metals and Jewels
Alcoholic Beverages  - seating capacity 50 - 100
                                   - seating capacity 101 - 150
                                   - seating capacity over 150
                                   - caterer
                                   - special events license
                                   - private nonprofit club
$ 100
$ 175
$ 250
$ 250
$ 5/day/event
$ 175