Construction Site Precautions

The primary mission of the county's Erosion and Sediment Control Program is to minimize the degradation of properties, stream channels, water, and other natural resources by establishing requirements for the control of soil erosion, sediment deposits, and storm water runoff. 

If you have a concern or complaint about erosion and sediment control, please call the Erosion and Sediment Control Office number, 540-463-1462.

Hurricane Season Precautions for Construction Projects
The Department of Erosion and Sediment Control has issued recommendations for preventing soil erosion at active construction sites in the event of severe weather during hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through November 30. 

The precautions include identifying potential areas where problems could occur and applying the appropriate erosion and sediment control measure, such as a diversion ditch or pipe slope drain. Another recommendation is to apply additional straw, mulch, or wood chips to bare areas that are not at final grade to reduce the effect of accelerated erosion. 

The complete list of recommendations for hurricane season precautions will be made available online as are other memos from the department.

For more information, contact the Department of Building and Development at 540-463-9361.