Flood Watch

When a flood watch is issued be prepared to act quickly and move to higher ground if needed. Floods and flash floods can happen quickly and without warning.
  • Move your furniture and valuables to higher floors of your home. Higher floors are less likely to receive damage from a flood.
  • Put important family documents in a waterproof container. This will keep them from being damaged in a flood.
  • Get your pre-assembled emergency supplies kit ready.
  • Fill your car’s fuel tank, in case an evacuation notice is issued. If electric power is cut off, gas stations may not be able to operate pumps for several days.
  • Be alert to signs of flooding. If the floodwaters are threatening your home, evacuate immediately. Move quickly to higher ground.
  • Follow recommended evacuation routes. Shortcuts or alternate routes may be blocked or damaged by floodwaters.
Driving during Floods
  • If you are driving and come upon rapidly rising waters, turn around and find another route. The depth of the water may not be obvious and roadbeds may be washed out under floodwaters. 
  • If your vehicle is suddenly caught in rising water, abandon it immediately and climb to higher ground.