Step 1

Understand What Could Happen

Emergencies caused by natural disasters such as tornadoes and winter storms or those emergencies such as hazardous materials spills, fire or terrorism can happen anywhere to anyone. These disasters or emergencies often occur with little or no warning.

Look Around Where You Live

Are you located near a highway that could have a hazardous materials spill? Are you near streams, creeks, or low-lying flood prone areas? What impact would floodwaters have on your ability to leave your neighborhood? Do you lose power frequently during winter storms or thunderstorms?

For more information please contact the Rockbridge County Office of Emergency Management by calling 540-463-4361.

Community Warning Signals

Emergency information is disseminated in many different ways. The National Weather Service issues weather advisories, watches, and warnings and sends the information over the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio, the Emergency Alert System and the NOAA website. During times of emergency or disaster, authorities will disseminate important information through radio and television stations, as well as posting information on the local government website and also through the Citizen Alert System. It is important that you have in your disaster supplies kit a battery-powered radio and spare batteries.

Find Out About Community Disaster Plans

Find out about the disaster plans at your workplace, your children's school or daycare center, your community, and other places where you and your family spend time.