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We will perform in such a manner that promotes the public’s trust, confidence, and sense of safety and security

The Rockbridge County Sheriff's Office was formed in 1778 and has served Rockbridge County and the City of Lexington for over 245 years.

The Sheriff's Office is the primary law enforcement agency for Rockbridge County working closely with the State Police, the Buena Vista Police Department, the Lexington Police Department, the Virginia Military Institute Police Department, the Washington and Lee Public Safety Department, and the Town of Glasgow Police Department. The Sheriff's Office employs a total staff of 42 full-time and 5 part-time members that serve in administration, patrol, investigations, court security, civil process, and support.

The Rockbridge County Sheriff's Office protects and serves an area of 601 square miles and a population of 22,650, not including the populations of the two independent cities that are enclaved within the county’s geographical borders. The combined population reaches around 36,611.

Rockbridge County was named for Natural Bridge, a notable landmark in the southern portion of the county which is now a state park. In addition to the two independent cities of Buena Vista and Lexington, the county contains the Towns of Glasgow and Goshen and the 13 unincorporated communities of Brownsburg, Collierstown, East Lexington, Fairfield, Gilmore Mills, Marlbrook, Mechanicsville, Natural Bridge, Natural Bridge Station, Raphine, Rockbridge Baths, Steeles Tavern, and Vesuvius.     

Rockbridge County is served by Interstates 64 and 81, US Routes 11, 60, and 501, and State Routes 39, 56, 130, 251, and 252. It is bordered by Bath County to the northwest, Augusta County to the Northeast, Nelson County to the east, Amherst County to the southeast, Bedford County to the south, Botetourt County to the southwest, and Alleghany County to the west.