1. Building Permits

    Obtain a permit for any construction projects.

  2. Business Licenses

    Apply for a business license within the county.

  3. Business Personal Property

    Report your business personal property to the commissioner.

  4. Chamber of Commerce

    Visit the Chamber of Commerce website.

  5. Commercial / Industrial Properties

    Discover the different properties within our community.

  6. County Code

    Access the county's code online.

  7. Economic Development

  8. GIS Online Maps

    Obtain GIS maps.

  9. Lodging Tax

    Learn about the tax and how to report it.

  10. Meals Tax

    Read about the meal tax implemented by the county.

  11. Office of Community Development

    Gain information about the plans and development of your community.

  12. Planning & Zoning

    Peruse information and plans from the Planning and Zoning department.

  13. Rockbridge Area Demographics

    Detailed demographics for the area provided by the Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission.

  14. Rockbridge Area Facts & Figures

    Find information regarding demographic facts for the Rockbridge County area.

  15. Water & Sewer

    Access information about the county's water and sewer systems.