Registrar / Voting

The General Registrar of Elections registers voters, maintains voting records and establishes precinct boundaries and polling locations for the County's 17 precincts. The staff conducts elections, supervises poll workers on Election Day and tallies election results. Any U.S. citizen and Virginia resident, 18 years or older on Election Day, may vote.

The Voter Registration Office is committed to providing each citizen of Rockbridge County with the opportunity to exercise his or her right to vote in an efficient and equitable manner in accordance with the Constitutions of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Code of Virginia. Click here to view the Standards of Conduct for Election Officials and the Principles of Elections and Registration Officials.

  1. Absentee Voting

    Find out how to obtain an absentee ballot.

  2. Board Minutes

    Electoral Board meeting minutes.

  3. Electoral Board

    View the duties of the board and learn about the members.

  4. Election Officers

    Access eligibility requirements, duties, and responsibilities of election officers.

  5. Polling Locations

    Locate your polling location for the next election.

  6. Results

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  7. Running For Office

    Find out how to run for office within your local government.

  8. Voter Registration

    Register to become a voter within the county.

  9. What is on my ballot

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