Departments G-Z

  1. Geographic Information Systems

    A Geographic Information System (GIS) integrates computer technology for collecting, managing, analyzing, and displaying all kinds of spatially referenced information.

  2. Human Resources

    Human Resources Department

  3. Information Technology

    Providing hardware and software support to County Administrative Offices.

  4. Parks & Recreation

    Explore the beautiful parks and facilities maintained by this department.

  5. Preschool On/Off the Bus

    The County provides a preschool program that serves any child age 3 that is completely potty trained on a first come first serve basis.

  6. Public Service Authority

    Learn about the authority responsible for public water and sewer distribution, view project updates, payment options, and more.

  7. Registrar / Voting

    Become a registered voter, learn how to run for office, and view general election information.

  8. Rental Assistance

    Provides safe, sanity and affordable rental housing for low income citizens in the Rockbridge County area through federal, state and local programs

  9. Sheriff

    View the services, units, and divisions of the department, working to protect our county.

  10. Solid Waste

    Obtain information about the county's landfill and recycling programs.

  11. Treasurer

    Browse tax information, including payments and acts, current county rates, and general duties of the treasurer.

  12. Virginia Cooperative Extension Office